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  • Home (Create a user and password).
  • Download Android Driver App and install.
  • Add New bus routes in next page.
  • Enter the Trip no for MAP plotting.
  • Click on the marker in the map.
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1.Download the driver app (application) and and install on your android phone.
2. If you are signing for the first time, please click on "Signup".
3. Fill in all the details and note down the username and password (for future use).
4. Enter the new bus route details in next page (page 2).
5. Note that the Trip No should not be available in the list shown in the nearby window(box).
6. Please click on "Insert to table" button.
7. Check for the "Bus route is added" message below the box.
8. Open Driver app on android phone.Click on "START LOCATION UPDATES".Wait for a while...
9. Enter the Tripno in box below (Note: ONLY CAPITAL Letters).
10.Click on "Show Map".
11.You will get "Bus route exists" and a marker with map will be shown on the page.
12.The same way you can go back to page3 to page2 by pressing on "Go to Page2 button".or else press logout.
13.If you are in second page2 you can go to the next page by pressing "Go to Page3 button" or else press logout..
Step 1: Use an android phone please....Software Here Dowload Driver App...!!!