This GPS (TRAQ-007) is basically with front end on web with php and other end is android based (Driver App). However there is a passenger application(Passenger App) on android platform. The passenger application is not added for the demo.On the web application it is possible to add new bus routes as well as with google map with marker on it. The driver app which comes along with this gives the latitude, longitude, trip no and time to the server which gets updated every 2 minutes. The link to the page is atteched with button below.One can see the web application by clicking on the button below.Steps to be followed by the user is given below while using the webapplication.


1.Download the driver app (application) and and install on your android phone after QR scan.
2. If you are signing for the first time, please click on "Signup".
3. Fill in all the details and note down the username and password (for future use).
4. Enter the new bus route details in next page (if you have logged on as Admin).
5. Note that the Trip No should not be available in the list as shown in the nearby window(box).
6. Please click on "Insert to table" button.
7. Check for the "Bus route is added" message below the box.
8. Open Driver app on android phone.Click on "START LOCATION UPDATES".Wait for a while...
9. Enter the Tripno in box below (Note: ONLY CAPITAL Letters).
10.Click on "Show Map".
11.You will get "Bus route exists" and a marker with map will be shown on the page.
12. Click on the marker and you can see the trip no.